What's New?!

I've opened an Etsy shop!

New earrings, beads, bracelets & rings!

I've been working on a couple of series: an earring series called Sterling Coins and, a ring series called Silver Pearls. I like the direction of these series, they are both dynamic series not static lines. In other words, these are one off pieces when they're gone they really are gone.

There are some new bangles added to the bracelet page, Bell Bangles. The look, feel and sound of these bangles is quite enchanting. They are very fun and really just joyful pieces.

Some sterling beads have been added to the Supplies page; all these beads are completely handmade which entails: melting and alloying the metal (with United's S88 alloy), rolling out the stock, cutting the discs, texturing, soldering, drilling and polishing. The beads are quite nice, and not something you will find at a commercial venue or in a catalog. Beads can be special ordered - size, texture, hole size, etc...All can be made to your specifications.

Happy Summer!