Few activities make me as happy as smacking, sawing, heating or forming metal. Add a stone or two, some rivets and texture and you've got a party.

I love every minute of the time it takes to research, design, plan and, make jewelry. Even when I totally ignore that little voice in my head screaming Stop, Wait, Stop, Stop, STOP!!! Stubbornly, continuing down the path of no return, the pieces more often than not slump into unsalvageable blobs...still love it!

In addition to fabricating jewelry from sterling sheet, wire and stones; chain making has become a real passion for me. Weaving individual links into simple and complex chains is quite engrossing, especially when trying a new weave or modifying an existing weave into a new pattern.

I make jewelry at the UCSD Crafts Center Jewelry studio and regularly take classes with Jay Whaley. I also make jewelry at my home bench [read that: bench in the garage]. I'm always looking for new classes that snag my imagination or when I get a chance to take a class with an excellent instructor, like Connie Fox and Bill Gallagher. There is always something new to learn.