Handmade beads

Want to create a truly unique piece of jewelry and tired of seeing the same beads from all of your suppliers or worse, seeing the same beads that you incorporated into your pieces being used by dozens of other jewelry designers...

These are one of a kind handmade beads fabricated in my studio from either sterling, copper, brass, US pennies, US Liberty dimes and, in some cases a combination of metals. The larger beads vary between 20-25mm in diameter and vary between 10-15mm in puffiness. The small beads vary between 15-17mm in diameter and between 9-12mm in puffiness. Most beads have the holes drilled lengthwise to show more pattern. Prices vary by materials, but on the average small beads are between $10 - $15 apiece and the larger beads are $15 - $20 apiece. Want a custom set? Email me for patterns available.